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Snowflakes span silently in the night, wrapping with a soft snow cover any surface that stopped their dance. A wandering snowflake, which was light as a feather, laid down on a dream and as if by magic, it stayed there forever. This snowflake was called…SNOW SECRET. That is how in 2009 our company was born: like in a fable, from a dream. Stefano’s, Ilaria’s and Laura’s dream.
We created and started together to launch successfully our first brand in the market: SNOW SECRET.

Our collection focuses on a wide selection of women’s quilted jackets, which stand out for their strengths: down feather 10/90, lightness and high thermal insulation, but also a female and fashionable line.

In a short space of time this allowed us to develop our product and to create

new collections, which are suitable for all seasons and satisfy any market request: NO SECRETS, our romantic and female total look that always reflects any current trend; SWEET SECRETS, with a crisp and young spirit; T-CHIC MILANO, warm knitwear for winter and intense t-shirts for summer; MY SECRET BLACK DRESS, wonderful cocktail dresses.

Today we are mainly present in the Italian market, but we are also promoting our position abroad and developing the name of our 5 brands.

Our small undertaking continues to register growth trends, thanks to our constant focus on higher quality of the products and good value for money.

We hope that our passion, creativity and innovative spirit can make our clients fall in love with our dream, born by a wandering snowflake.